Pumpkin club


The Pumpkin Club Base Camp Services, PCBCS, LLC. 
The Pumpkin Club is a new upcoming company. They provide necessary comforts of camping to make the hunting experience memorable and enjoyable. 

The staff of PCBCS are knowledgeable in hunting and will provide advice for the area you will be hunting. Also, PCBCS will provide recommendations for animal retrieval and game 
processing for the area.

All Star Pattern


I created a series of posters using a pattern of illustrated Converse in three different color patterns.  The posters have an abstract and bold visual layout. I used the print of the pattern to line the inside of a Converse shoebox demonstrating how it could be used realistically. The 
posters could also be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

My Design Work

Zoo dreams is a children’s book I created. The character illustrations of the book have a playful, paper cutout Design that would appeal to children. I would like to publish this book one day. The story takes place at the New York City Bronx Zoo and the story line has a meaningful ending, helping children learn a life moral.

Bit stands for "Be Informed Today". B.i.t is a hypothetical online newspaper company targeting a population of people between 18 to 50 years of age. The assignment for this project was to create branding for a new newspaper. I created a logo, website, and business system for branding of the newspaper. 

Kimber's Cookies 

This project was created for a client who owned a cookie business and desired redesigning of the packaging for her cookies. The client desired a clean and modern look to the package and one that would also visually depict a homemade old fashioned image of her cookies. The heart pattern of the box was chosen because the last name of the owner is Hart.  Colors of the boxes differ depending on the flavor of cookie.

MIX, a locally owned restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona, opened in 2011. Mix offers healthy eating options with a mission to serve wholesome, honest and fresh food. About a year before the restaurant opened, the owner reached out to me to create the new company's logo. Mix is currently a successful Business in Flagstaff old town shops.

I created this image from a photo I took. my design goal was to create an image that had the appearance of pastel and watercolor medium in digital form.

For this project I was required to select six song titles with paired lyrics to create a six month calendar showing typography with supporting visuals. The calendar I created has a country theme showing my love for country music.  For each month of the calendar I used a different silhouette, each relating to the title of an existing country album.

This was a class assignment for one of my design classes at NAU. For the project, we were required to select six 
fables from the Aesop Fables series and create our own 
illustrations for each fable. The illustrations of the story characters have a modern pop art visual feel. The colors are bright, bold and colorful. The project also required practice of book layout.

I included this image in my portfolio for two reasons. First, to demonstrate my skills at combining studio and digital art work and second, to show my personal passion for country western music and two stepping. 



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Aesop Fables

Zoo Dreams  

Why Don't We Dance  

Typography calendar